Your Guide To Creating A Weekly Meal Plan

By on March 10, 2016


A great way to eat healthy and delicious food throughout the craziness of a working week is to create a weekly meal plan, which helps you to shop right and prepare as much as you can in advance.

If you’re not sure how to get started creating a weekly meal plan, read on below for our top tips:

Get inspired:

Avoid eating the same meals each week by allocating a time once a week to search for new recipes. A great time to do this is on a Sunday afternoon before the weekly shop. Make sure you print off or bookmark new recipes so they are in an easy place to find.

Choose themes:

If you’re completely stuck for inspiration on what to cook, why not create theme nights to get you going. You could choose pasta for Monday, stir-fry for Tuesday, meat and vegetables for Wednesday… the list goes on. Then you can search for different recipes based on these food themes.

lean green salad 2

Plan ahead:

This doesn’t just mean for the recipes! Planning ahead means looking at the weather for the week and choosing suitable meals for those days (there’s nothing worse than eating a hot dish on a 30 degree day!) Also consider if you are entertaining or if you frequently have people dropping in so you can have suitable food available.

Prepare for leftovers:

If it seems like a lot to plan for, remember to schedule in leftovers, which are great for doubling as lunch the next day or even dinner if you know you will have minimal time to prepare a meal.

Mexican Bean Mini Pizzas

Mexican Bean Mini Pizzas

Create a calendar:

Now that you’ve got your inspiration and have a good idea of what’s on for the week ahead, it’s time to create a calendar. Take the time to really plan and nut out all the required ingredients, including the time it will take to prepare each recipe as well as assigning meals to each day of the week. If you want to be really organised, create an excel sheet so you can store your weekly plan to refer back to at later dates for inspiration.

Make a shopping list:

There’s nothing worse than going into the supermarket without a list, so look at your recipes and write down all the ingredients you will need, checking that you don’t already have them. Also ensure you try to avoid those last minute additions into your shopping trolley unless completely necessary.

Pre-make what you can:

Make sure you keep in mind any meals that can be frozen nicely or that can be pre-cooked in advance and schedule in a suitable time to pre-make them. A great time to do it is on a Sunday afternoon, just ensure you always label all expiry information on the frozen packet so you don’t leave your food in the freezer too long.

Lemon Tzatziki Fettucine with Soft Egg

Lemon Tzatziki Fettucine with Soft Egg

Do you create a weekly meal plan? Does it help you prepare for the week? Share your experiences below.


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