Wedding Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Being A Guest

By on October 15, 2015


Guest Post by Rebekah Pickett – The Fashion Section

WeddingWedding season is upon us and we couldn’t be any more excited! If you’re anything like us, your diary will soon be filling up with invitations for spring and summer weddings from friends and family.

While you’re nearly guaranteed to have a fun time no matter what, it’s important to keep a few things in mind to ensure you are the best guest ever for the sake of the bridal party.

From wearing an appropriate outfit to arriving on time, here’s a list of the top do’s and don’ts of being the perfect guest at the next wedding you go to.


  1. RSVP

The event is stressful enough for the bride without having to wonder and worry about who is actually attending. Make sure you RSVP as soon as you receive your invite, so the bride can take into account special food requirements and seating plans.

  1. Attend what you were invited to

It’s perfectly normal to be invited to either the reception, ceremony or both – it all depends on numbers and how close you are to the bride and groom, so whatever you’re invited to and have RSVP’d to say you are going to – go. Simple as that!

  1. Arrive on time

While weddings certainly don’t always start on time, it’s best to make sure you get there at least 10 minutes earlier to find your seat, say hello to other guests and avoid walking in late. There’s nothing worse than going into a ceremony as the bride is walking down the aisle!

  1. Dress appropriately

Most invitations will tell you what kind of dress is required and if they don’t, take cues from the venue location. If it’s at a church, make sure you wear something conservative. If it’s at the beach, a flowing maxi dress and sandals should be fine. If you’re not sure, check in with the bride or with other guests to make sure you dress appropriately.

  1. Bring a gift

If they have created a wedding registry then ensure you purchase something on that. If they ask for money for their new house or honeymoon, bring that. No matter what make sure you always show up with a gift to be polite.

  1. Sit at your assigned seat

While it may not seem like a big deal to you to quickly swap seats, for the bridal party and the logistics of the event it is. Chances are you’ve been chosen to sit in that seat for a reason, whether because they think you’ll get along with the people or for food requirement reasons.


  1. Show up with an uninvited guest

While you may think it’s only fair for you to bring a +1, if they weren’t included on the invitation don’t bring them. That includes children.

  1. Don’t use your phone and turn it on silent!

This is vital during the ceremony, as you don’t want your phone to ring loudly in the middle of the couple saying their vows!

  1. Don’t leave before the cake is cut

While it’s usually a pretty long day, make sure you wait until the cake is cut before you depart. Any earlier is not polite.

Do you have any wedding do’s and don’ts that we’ve missed? Comment and share your tips below!

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