Top Tips For Outdoor Entertaining

By on September 5, 2016


Guest Post by Rebekah Pickett – The Fashion Section

The party season is fast approaching and we couldn’t be more excited! Before we know it, Christmas parties, wedding receptions and family get-togethers will have moved outside and we’ll be finally basking in the sunny days and warm nights.

That’s why we are preparing for the outdoor events and entertaining to come with some easy tips and tricks to make your next outdoor event a total success.

Check out our top tips below:


Hit the lights:

With daylight savings just around the corner, we know that the nights will be lighter for longer, but there’s something so nice about entertaining with lights spread throughout the backyard area regardless of the brightness outside. Everything from candles, lanterns to fairy lights, the decorating ideas are endless! Why not try hanging a string of fairy lights on a fence or on the deck and lanterns in amongst the trees. Solar panel lights are a great option as they minimise the need for those extra long extension cords that can ruin the look of the party and become costly.

Have enough seats: 

While it’s great to stand and mingle with guests, by the end of the night (especially for the ladies in heels) most people like to sit at some point. Spread your seats throughout the outdoor area to allow room for both standing and sitting and make sure you have enough chairs to seat most of your guests.

Get rid of mosquitos:

There’s nothing worse than having mosquitos buzzing in your guest’s ears or around food when you’re trying to relax and enjoy your event. Try buying some scented candles and burn them throughout the night. Look for ones that have citronella essential oil or sandalwood in them as they will work wonders.

CanapesPre-plan your music:

Make sure you set aside some time to pre-plan your music. Combine classics with modern favourites and stick to picking around 5 hours worth of music to be safe as you don’t want to repeat your music unless your guests ask for it! When you place your iPod doc or music player outside, make sure it is above your guest’s ear levels so it’s not blasting directly at their heads. The best setup is four or more speakers, spread out, set at a low volume to allow the conversation to flow!

Make no mess food:

If you are serving food outdoors and are not having a sit down dinner, make sure you serve easy-to-eat food on large platters. Think a platter featuring our Heritage Dips, a selection of cold meats, breads, olives, and other gourmet canapés. This will eliminate the need to wash up individual plates and will stop your outdoor area from getting too messy!


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