Top Spots to Brunch In Melbourne

By on May 2, 2015


At Chris’ Dips we love brunch, so we decided to put together a list of our favourite Melbourne brunch hot spots!*coffeecup

(*This may or may not have just been an excuse to try out some great cafes…)

Where are your favourite spots to brunch? Let us know in the comments below.

Top Paddock in Richmond. Try the: Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcakes, Sticky Black Ginger Bread or Chilli Scrambled Eggs.

Pillar of Salt in Richmond. Try the: The ‘Big Apple’ Loaf, Kimchi, Corn & Sweet Potato Fritters or the New Orleans Pinto Bean Jambalaya.

Pope Joan in Brunswick. Try the: Gruyere, corn & jalapeno croquettes, chorizo, chickpea, pomegranate, Crumpet, pumpkin, fig, whey caramel or the Heirloom tomato, smoked dressing, poached egg, goats feta, welsh rarebit.

Miss Marmalade in Brunswick. Try the: Buttermilk ricotta hotcakes, Berry nutty bircher creamy rolled oats or the Farmers Market spread.

Waffles with fresh forest berriesThe Grain Store in Melbourne CBD. Try the: Vegan quinoa & coconut porridge, the Breakfast Waldorf, crisp fried ricotta & Nashi pear or the Polenta corn fritter, avocado & smashed greens.

Auction Rooms in North Melbourne. Try the: Auction Rooms’ banana & walnut loaf with espresso mascarpone, banana yoghurt and coffee crumb, Brûlée french toast with crispy pancetta, poached rhubarb and glazed strawberries or the Corned beef brisket & potato hash with shredded cabbage & leek, poached eggs and Sriracha hollandaise.

The Kettle Black in South Melbourne. Try the: Polenta porridge with burnt maple and textures of strawberry and basil, Seasonal avocado with citrus toast or the Benedict style eggs with braised pork shoulder.

Jardin Tan in South Yarra. Try the: Coconut porridge, caramelised bananas, macadamia, palm sugar caramel, Hanoi style braised tomato, turnips, tofu, slow-cooked eggs or the Vietnamese fried eggs, pulled pork, nước mầm chấm.

Seven Seeds in Carlton. Try: Dr Marty’s Crumpets with mint infused cream, choc ganache, fresh strawberries and chilli, Roasted mushrooms and poached eggs on ciabatta with rocket pesto and parmesan or the Coffee roasted carrot salad with fresh ricotta, hazelnuts, pickled onions and a poached egg.



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