Introducing Edam & Fig to our Heritage Range of dips

By on July 9, 2018


We have introduced a tempting new flavour to our wildly popular range of Heritage dips: Chris’ Heritage Edam & Fig with a garnish of Roasted Almonds.

Delicately combining the distinct tang of Edam cheese, enhanced with the sweetness of fig, and the freshness of fennel, the smooth and creamy dip comes with a crunchy roasted almond garnish, served within our signature, high-quality European terracotta pots.

The hero of all future grazing boards, Chris’ Edam & Fig dip is ideally paired with fresh slices of pair, apples and nuts on crispy crackers. Available from the deli at Woolworth stores nationally. 


New Look. Same Taste! 

This new flavour features our recently re-imagined packaging, with photography showcasing both the fresh ingredients used in the dips and desserts, as well as an image of what customers can expect from the product within. The Heritage range is crafted to maximse the flavours of top quality local and international ingredients, with affordable prices starting from AUD $7.99 each for the savoury dips and $5.00 each for the desserts, they make entertaining at home easy.

The Heritage Savoury range includes: 

  • Blue Cheese, Fig & Pistachio: The addition of Pistachio brings a light green, colour to this moorish, flavour packed dip that beautifully marries teh exotic sweetness of figs, cream and the spicy intensity of regal blue cheese. Great on its own with crackers or try with crispy carrots, celery, red apples or toast. 
  • Goat Cheese & Black Truffle: This “centrepiece” dip combines the subtle tart flavours of goat cheese with the rich aromas and flavours of black truffle. Decadent adn delicious this dip comes with a sachet of cracked black pepper to garnish and adds another great dimension to the equation. 
  • Vintage Cheddar & Caramalised Onion: A signature classic, this crowd-pleaser combines the creamy twang of vintage cheddar with the sweetness of caramelised onion intesified with balsamic glaze. Sweet yet savoury this dip works beautifully with baked grissini, fresh apple or fennel. 
  • Madagascan Vanilla Crème Brulée: This French style vanilla custard dish is silky smooth in texture and flecked with pure vanilla bean, an ideal sweet finish to any meal. Sold in heat-proof terracotta pots, the sachet of sugar included can be sprinkled on top and crystalised with a kitchen blow torch, creating a layer of crunch.  
  • Passionfruit Crème Brulée :An egg custard with a creamy, smooth texture, this crème brûlée is enhanced with the tangy flavour of passionfruit. The enclosed sachet of sugar garnish should be sprinkled on top and crystalised using a kitchen blow torch, resulting in a dark sugar crust and the sweet ‘crack’ crème brûlée is known for. 
  • Madagascan Vanilla Panna Cotta: This light Greek-style yoghurt Panna Cotta has a delicate vanilla flavour. Served chilled in hand-made, reusable terracotta pots, the crunchy butterscotch sachet should be sprinkled on top before serving for added texture.