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Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

By on April 28, 2016


Celebrate Greek Orthodox Easter with this traditional sweet bread.

Find a recipe to create Tsoureki at home by clicking here.

We suggest serving this lovely dish with honey and our Traditional Greek Style Yoghurt.

Tsoureki, (or rich brioche-like bread) is often made at home to celebrate three major holidays for Greeks: Easter, Christmas and New Year’s. There are many local varieties of these festive breads, based on milk, flour, eggs, sugar, yeast, butter, and a flavouring which can be mahleb, Chian mastic or cardamom.

The butter is added after kneading: the dough is stretched, brushed with melted butter, folded and stretched again repeatedly, until all the butter is incorporated. The result of this technique is that the baked bread separates easily into strands. A good tsoureki should be soft, moist and fluffy, yet stringy and chewy.

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