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Easy entertaining platter

By on December 6, 2014


Try this entertaining platter idea when your friends come round this weekend. Chris’ Dips Heritage Traditional Terracotta dip range each comes with a special garnish in the pack to add a lovely contrast in colour when plating up.

  • 1 bunch truss mini roma tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon of basil leaves roughly chopped
  • 1 cup mixed  olives
  • 8 feta stuffed peppers
  • 4 Slices each of:
    • hot sopressa salami
    • capocollo
    • Prosciutto
  • sesame sea salt grissini and assorted biscuits
  • basil or parsley sprigs to garnish

Heritage Premium Traditional

  • Artichoke, Parmesan & Green Chilli
  • Hommus & Black Sea Salt
  • Classic Greek Tzatziki
  • Roasted Beetroot & Chickpea

Chop the prosciutto slices in half and wrap round the ends of 8 grissini sticks. Place the rest of the grissini sticks in a decorative glass in the centre of the platter. Put the peppers and olives in small bowls and arrange the Chris’ Heritage dip ingredients around the tomatoes and grissini sticks. Serve straight away with a jug with sangria.