How to take the perfect ‘Foodstagram’

By on January 11, 2016


We’ve all been there before, snapping the latte art on our coffee or delectable breakfast at one of our favourite café hotspots to post on our Instagram account, but how do you get the best shot without embarrassing yourself?

The trick is all about planning ahead, selecting the right lighting and choosing places that have their tables adorned with pretty props to do the hard work for you.

Read more about the top tricks to take the perfect ‘foodstagram’ below:

image1Select the best lighting:

Selecting the best lighting is the number one rule and trust us, it really makes a difference. Natural lighting is your best option, so make sure you choose your table next to a window for a natural light that isn’t too harsh.

Find a table with pretty props:

While gorgeous latte art stands out by itself, surrounding your focal point with pretty props can instantly make your Instagram picture look amazing. Pick a café that has flowers or candles on the table if possible, otherwise simple wooden tables, marble benches or white tablecloths also create a great contrast. If there are none present, a designer bag or pair of sunglasses are always a great addition. When choosing a prop however, make sure your breakfast or coffee is still at the centre of the image or to the left or the right without having any unnecessary props taking over the shot. Centred images are great for beginners, as they always look neat.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.49.27 amChoose the right angle:

Along with choosing great lighting, picking the right angle is essential. While we don’t recommend standing on the chairs, don’t be afraid to stand up to get the best shot, as food and drink looks best when shot above or on the side. Everyone does it!

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