How To Host A Successful Family BBQ

By on October 29, 2015


Guest Post by Rebekah Pickett – The Fashion Section

Whether you are planning a family Christmas BBQ or just some casual summer hangouts, getting the family together for a big cook up can be tricky. Luckily with the right planning, organisation and a few handy tips and tricks, you’ll be on your way to hosting your best family BBQ yet.

Plan ahead:

As we move to towards the end of year, everyone gets busier, so it’s vital that you plan ahead when hosting a family BBQ and choose a date in advance.

Send a text or an email out to your invited guests so they can confirm the best date. A great idea is to email or text an option of suitable dates so you will have the greatest attendance outcome.

Planning ahead also means deciding in advance the kind of BBQ you want to host, whether it’s a classic kind with sausages and beef patties, or something a little more exotic with seafood, fish and tasty cocktails concoctions.

Decide on your guest list:

Write down a list of all the people you want to invite and be realistic about the amount of people you can fit in your home or that you can easily cook for without getting too stressed. You can send out Facebook invites or an email to everyone, or you can be more traditional and send them invites in the mail.

No matter how you send them, an invite should include all the basic details like the time and place, as well as acknowledging if kids are welcome or if your guests are required to bring a side dish or drinks. Make sure you also ask if your guests have any food allergies or restrictions.

Family BBQ

Add a touch of pizazz with stunning décor:

Make your family BBQ standout by dressing up your outdoor area with fairy lights, lanterns, candles and more. Choose one or two key colours and ensure they are spread across the table setting colours, decorations and even drinks or food.

Organise your menu:

Now to the important part! Plan your menu including side dishes, appetisers and drinks, keeping in mind any allergies or restrictions as well as food that is suitable and tasty for kids. If you’re trying to decide on drinks, of course beers and wine are always a classic choice, as are refreshing twists on a classic lemonade drink with mint or rhubarb or even Sangria. Serve in a few big jugs for easy pouring.

Provide entertainment:

One of the best parts about a BBQ is the chance to relax and talk with family and friends, so make sure you have music set up to add a great ambiance, as well as toys and games to keep the kids occupied so that the adults can relax!

Are you having a BBQ this summer or spring racing long weekend? Tell us all about your favourite BBQ in the comments below.

Family BBQ



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