How To Host A Great Christmas Party

TurkeyChristmas is just around the corner so we are sharing with you some of our favourite last minute tips for hosting the best Christmas party ever!

Whether you are getting all the relatives over for a traditional Christmas lunch, or are hosting an end of year event with work colleagues or friends and family, it’s time to get prepared and host an event no one will forget.

Read on below for our top tips for hosting a great Christmas Party.


As with any good party, it’s essential to plan in advance who you are inviting, the dates, any themes, menus and decoration ideas. This helps you get organised in terms of numbers, what and how much to cook and how you’d like to set up your house or venue.

A great idea is to think ahead and decide if you’d like your guests to bring a plate or drinks so you can let them know in advance and plan ahead yourself.

The Second Platter of Christmas

Get festive:

Christmas is a great time to go all out and embrace the festive spirit by decorating your home or venue with candles, wreaths, tinsels and of course a Christmas tree. Remember to choose a colour scheme for your decorations that can also work with any table or food items to create a stand out look. You can opt for classic green, gold and red combinations or something a little more modern like whites and silver. 

Cook food in advance:

This is a must! A Christmas party is a great time to mingle with family and friends and you can’t do it when you’re slaving away in the kitchen.

Although you won’t be able to cook everything in advance, make-sure you write down your menu and select the items you can pre-cook to avoid any unnecessary stress on the day.

Usually most sweets, deserts or appetizers can be prepared a day earlier leaving more time for you to have fun during the event!

Make big batches of drinks:

To save you the hassle on the day, make a few jugs of drinks like lemonade, sangria or fruit daiquiri. That way guests can help themselves to refills and you don’t have to keep topping up their glasses.

Read here for our favourite homemade lemonade recipes.

Do Kris Kringle:

Kris Kringle is a great way to get guests involved in the Christmas spirit! Set a budget (make it low so that it’s more fun) and ask your guests to each bring a present for an allocated person. Place them under the Christmas tree and when the time comes, call your guest’s names out of a hat one by one to select a present and you can see what everyone ends up with!

Are you hosting a Christmas event this year? Comment and share with us your top tips below.