Easter Gift Ideas

By on March 17, 2016


Do you have some of our Heritage Terracotta Pots in the cupboard at home? Why not create these adorable Easter gifts for family and friends!

You’ll need:

  • Empty Chris Dips Heritage Terracotta Pot x 2
  • 20cm x 20cm square of fabric of choice
  • 0.5 metres of ribbon of choice
  • Adhesive foam shapes (easter theme)
  • Foam easter eggs on wire (pack of 3)
  • Stuffed bunny toy
  • Shredded tissue paper strips
  • 300gms of chocolate eggs (approx. 20 pieces)
  • Bluetack or Masking Tape


  • Pot #1 (Eggs only)


  1. Using 20 x 20 cm square of fabric, place Chris’ Terracotta Pot in the centre of square
  2. Bring fabric up and around pot, covering sides
  3. Secure fabric around pot with ribbon, tying into bow, then cutting excess ribbon from ends
  4. Cut away any fabric from top of pot if needed, until reached desired appearance
  5. Fill with shredded tissue paper strips
  6. Fill pot with chocolate eggs
  • Pot #2 (Bunny toy & eggs)


  1. Take adhesive foam shapes, one by one stick around the outside of Chris Terracotta Pot, creating pattern if desired
  2. Using Bluetack or masking tape, secure wire from decorative foam eggs onto the inside base of pot
  3. Arrange so they are grouped together and secured firmly
  4. Fill pot half way with shredded tissue paper strips
  5. Place Bunny stuffed toy into centre of pot
  6. Fill around toy with chocolate eggs



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