Breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day

By on May 6, 2015


We all know that that mums do an amazing job everyday, that’s why on Mother’s Day it’s important to show your mum (or mother of your kids) just how special she is!

We think the best way to start off a special day for mum is with breakfast in bed. But what should you serve?

We recommend keeping it simple – after all, we think most mums would rather a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit and yoghurt, with a perfectly prepared tea or coffee, over burnt waffles or over-cooked eggs! Keep it simple with a fool-proof dish that is low on preparation time, and you’re onto a winner!

Bowl of fresh mixed berries and yogurtYou could try:

Our Classic Greek Breakfast – Click here for the recipe

For something a little more indulgent, why not serve:

Our Berry Mess – Click here for the recipe

Or if you’re not confident at all in the kitchen, or just really short on time, why not pop down to the local bakery and pick up fresh croissants and coffee. Mum will love you for it!

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