A Guide to Healthy Snacking

By on November 19, 2015

Here at Chris’ Dips, we are big fans of snacking (obviously,) from delicious dips with crackers or veggies to a handful of nuts and fruit with Greek Yoghurt, snacking is great as long as it’s done in moderation and by making healthy choices.

If you’re unsure of how to snack in a healthy way, read on for our top tips.

Snack because you are hungry not bored: 

You’ll be surprised at just how many times you seem to feel hungry, but are really looking for something to do. If this is something you think you have trouble with, wait 15 minutes and occupy yourself with something else. If you’re still hungry then you can snack although be mindful of the timing. If you have an hour until dinner, it’s probably best to wait it out, where as when it comes to ‘3:30-itis’ snack away as you probably won’t be eating again for a good three or more hours.

Choose wisely and make it count:

Snacking is actually highly beneficial for your metabolism, especially if you snack between one to three times per day. The best time to schedule a snack in your day is when you find yourself going three – five hours without eating. This is usually in the mid to late afternoon depending on your schedule.

Know the difference between a snack and a treat:

While we all love a treat at times, treating yourself throughout the day to things like cookies and cake can lead to weight gain. Make sure you choose snacks that are high in protein, fibre and calcium to nourish your body and sustain you. Wholegrain crackers are a good choice when paired with Chris’ Tzatziki or classic Hommus dips. If you work in an office, bring the dip to work and store in the fridge with some cut up carrot, celery and wholegrain crackers to keep that afternoon hunger pains away! (You could even choose our ‘Fun-Size’ snacks to control your portion size.) 

Useful tips:

Now you know some great points to remember, it’s time to prepare! Food preparation is essential to stop you from making those unhealthy choices in the midst of some serious hunger. Cut up vegetables, fruit and a handful of almonds are good choices, as is Greek Yoghurt, or mixed with fruits like berries with oats. If you’re after something tastier, why not try Chris’ Down 2 Earth Sweet Potato & Harissa Hommus or the delicious Spiced Roasted Carrot and Turmeric dips which are great to not only eat yourself, but share with your colleges at work or guests when entertaining. We guarantee you’ll be popular!

Do you have a favourite snack or flavour of our dips? Comment and share with us, we’d love to know!


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