6 Things A Great Host Should Never Do

By on August 18, 2015


Guest Post by Rebekah Pickett – The Fashion Section

HostingWhether you are hosting a special event, family dinner, cocktail party or just having relatives to stay, there’s a few things you should keep in mind not to do throughout your role as a host.

While hosting a party can be a somewhat stressful event that requires plenty of preparation and organisation, if you don’t do the things below, we guarantee your next event will be a success!

6 Things Not To Do When Hosting:

Overlook your guest’s needs

If there’s one thing you do when hosting make sure this is not it! Overlooking your guest’s needs can be potentially detrimental to the success of your event as it adds an unwanted element of stress. This means thinking of everything including food requirements (vegetarians or gluten free eaters), sleeping arrangements and parking availabilities. Make sure you think ahead about who is attending your event and try your best to accommodate these wants and needs. 

Experiment and try something new

Now is not the time to try that recipe for the first time! Keep that for when it’s just your immediate family and not a special function. The worst thing could be to mess up your meal or drinks menu because you couldn’t get the recipe right the first time. Stick to what you’re good at and you will no doubt impress your guests.

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

Do everything

While it’s important to accommodate your guest’s needs, you can’t possibly do everything and don’t stress yourself out trying to! Know what is realistic and plan in advance and just do what you can.

Forget to relax and enjoy yourself

Events, family functions and celebrations are all about relaxing and enjoying the company you have. If this means you do some food preparation the day before then do it, you don’t want to miss out on the fun because you are stuck in the kitchen or are too busy running around worrying that everyone is ok!

Hosting TipsLeave all the cleaning to the next day

We don’t recommend doing everything at the end of the evening, however simple things like clearing the table or putting the dishwasher on will make a huge difference to your workload the next day. You can leave the furniture and other less important tasks until later.

Stick to the basics

Although you shouldn’t experiment too much when entertaining, you don’t need to stick to the basics! If you have an amazing recipe that you know your guests will love, try it out a few weeks prior and practice so you wow your guests! Otherwise simple things like standout table decorations, engaging music or delicious drinks can make a big difference to the ambiance and feel of the event.

Have we missed anything hosts shouldn’t do when entertaining? Leave us a comment below!


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