6 Rules For Throwing A Great Party Every Single Time

By on January 28, 2016


No matter what kind of event or party you plan on throwing there are a few essential tips to remember to ensure each event you host is a success.

From planning ahead, to mixing it up with food and decorations, to ensuring you always have back ups, read on below for our top 6 rules for throwing a great party every single time.

1. Do what you do best:

Unless you have plenty of time to practice new recipes, stick to what you know and do best and you can guarantee what you make will be a success. Food is such an important part of the party, so make sure that you choose recipes that you know you can pull off without a hitch.

Doing what you do best extends to drinks and event styling as well. When in doubt simple always works best so choose classic meals, favourite drinks like wine, champagne and beer and minimalist styling.

2. Plan ahead:

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Planning ahead is a crucial part of any party as it not only helps to get things sorted and organised but allows you not to stress as much! Plan your guest list, the invites, food, drinks and decorations well in advance and aim to have 90% of the work completed by the time your guests arrive so you can have fun and enjoy the event as well.

3. Think about the decorations:

It’s all about creating the perfect mood!

Experiment by having a theme or choose two or three main colours and decorate your house or event space with those colours. Decorations can include placemats, candles, streamers, serviettes and more.

If you are hosting a dinner party, long candles are a must-have and make sure you dim the lights to create an intimate mood your guests will love.

4. Mix it up:

Although we are big believers in doing what you do best, you can also mix it up by throwing in a different kind of food, desert bar, polaroid cameras, a photobooth or anything else you think will make it memorable.

If you are having a formal sit down menu, throw in a classic pizza for the entre, or change a traditional sit down desert by getting your guests to decorate plain cupcakes by placing them on a separate table with sprinkles, icing and more.

Another great thing to do is to encourage your guests to take photos by having a photobooth or placing Polaroid cameras around the venue. The options are endless!

5. Have back ups:

Just in case, make sure you have plenty of back ups in your pantry for those few surprise moments. This means having an extra case of champagne, beer or wine, a few trusty Chris’ Dips or an extra salad.

6. Bring out the sweets:

Top off a great party with sweets! Nothing is better than ending the party by serving mouth-watering deserts your guests will love. You can even mix it up and create sophisticated lolly bags or take home containers of your deserts, lollies or chocolates for your guests to munch on on the way home or the next day!

What are you rules for throwing a great party? Have we missed any? Comment and share them below.



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