5 Easy To Make Centrepieces For Your Next Dinner Party

By on August 25, 2015


Guest Post by Rebekah Pickett – The Fashion Section

Spring flowersFrom classic flower arrangements, to sprayed branches and timeless fruit bowls, there’s plenty of ways you can decorate your table for that added wow factor.

If you need some new inspiration on centrepieces to use for an upcoming event or dinner function, read on below for some great tips and ideas!

Fruit Fillers:

If you’re sick of seeing traditional flower arrangements on your tabletop, why not try adding gorgeous pieces of fruit in a clear glass vase or bowl. Oranges and limes look great together, or you can make a statement with a classic fruit bowl. The trick is to look for fruits of differing sizes and shapes but with similar colouring to bring the look together. A great idea could be to create a fruit bowl with apples, passionfruits and plums.

Flower Box:

An essential part of any table setting is a stunning centrepiece that adds a little something special to your table décor. If you’re going for a rustic feel, a flower box on your table is a great way to create an outdoor vibe. Daisies in pink or white look cute mixed in between fresh wheatgrass in a long wooden box. Another option is to choose smaller wooden boxes and spread them down the centre of the table with the flower of your choosing.

Autumn Leaves:

Ideal for autumn or winter entertaining, gather up all the leaves from your garden and artfully place them in a metallic oversized tub. Match it with a wooden table and wooden boards used for serving.

Sprayed Branches:

This one is perfect for the festive season even if it’s in the middle of summer! Grab some branches from the garden, place them on old newspaper and spray with white or silver paint. Leave them outside to dry and to air and then place them in small glass bottles or clear vases – stunning!

Flowers in Crockery:

If you have any gorgeous crockery like a soup bowl, teapot, large cup or a small dish, place this at the centre of your table with complementary feminine flowers like hydrangeas, roses and peonies. The trick is to get the colours to match, so try a gorgeous pink, red or white china pattern and match with the flowers of your choosing.


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