3 Ways To Add WOW To Your Easter Dessert Platter

By on April 13, 2017


fruit dessert platter

Who doesn’t love a good dessert platter, especially for Easter!

Forgo traditional dessert and opt for an easy, make-ahead sweet platter full of treats that will have everyone reaching for a piece! From the wickedly sweet like homemade chocolates and our perfectly plated Heritage Creme Brulee and Panna Cotta, to the light and refreshing fruit, these bites make the perfect end to any meal.

The Basics

To assemble the perfect Easter Dessert Platter, make sure you have these basics on hand:

  • Platter: you’ll need a large platter, cheeseboard or a number of small plates to assemble everything together. If you’re catering for a number of people you may prefer to make several smaller platters to put along the length of the table.
  • Napkins: make sure there are napkins on the table so that people can easily help themselves.
  • Small plates: place a stack of small plates near the platter so that people can help themselves to a few treats of their choice.
  • Three or more sweets: to make the platter look truly decadent, make sure you include at least three types of sweets. This can be a collection of your own homemade sweets, store bought favourites and sliced seasonal fruit.

Here’s 3 simple and easy ways to add WOW to your dessert platter this Easter.

Panna Cotta Surprise Chocolate Eggs

Ever heard of cascarones? It’s a Mexican tradition where you fill empty eggs with confetti or small toys and then crack them over other peoples’ heads for Easter.

But what about creating edible cascarones? The kind you crack over a bowl of ice cream or simply into your mouth? With a few hollow eggs, a little melted chocolate as glue, our Heritage Panna Cotta, and lots of rainbow sprinkles, it’s super simple to create this fun and colorful Easter treat. 

Easter Eggs

  • Hollow chocolate eggs
  • Mini chocolate eggs/M&Ms/sprinkles/chocolate chips – any colourful candy that will fit inside the chocolate eggs! 
  • 1 Chris’ Heritage Panna Cotta 

chocolate egg

Use a serrated knife to “crack” your egg. You want to cut very slowly, allowing the chocolate egg to crack naturally. This makes for the cleanest cut.

Panna Cotta
Scoop about 2 teaspoons of Heritage Panna Cotta inside an egg.

Chocolate Eggs

Fill up the other chocolate eggs and top with other candy surprises.Choc Eggs

To seal your eggs back up, it’s time to melt some chocolate. Baking chocolate is best as it sets quickly. Microwave the chocolate on a low heat setting for a minute, then in 30 second intervals until you have a good “glue” consistency. 

Dark Chocolate

Use a knife to spread the melted chocolate onto the cracked top of each egg.

Chocolate Egg

Press back onto the filled egg and wipe off any excess chocolate. Let dry for 10 minutes before serving.dsc_0181-web

To crack your egg, slam it into a plate, cutting board, or crack with your hands. So fun!

chocolate egg

 Zig Zag Fruit

Choose to add fresh sliced fruit to cut through richness of the sweets, and use this zig-zag cutting technique that will look super fancy – but is actually super easy!
You can use any oval shaped fruit such as kiwis, pears, apples and oranges. Cut in a zig-zag motion all around the fruit , slicing all the way through and ensuring the knife hits the chopping board.
Kiwi fruit sliced
Pull apart the fruit and wah-lah!
Chocolate-Dipped Fruit
Dipping fruit into chocolate is an easy and delicious way to jazz up your fruit platter. Fruits that complement chocolate include strawberries, raspberries, and bananas.
Simply melt chocolate (dark is best), dip and place on a silpat mat or baking sheet to set.

Assembling the ultimate Easter Dessert Platter!

Arrange some of our Heritage Desserts on a large platter, and place fruit all along it. Scatter pomegranate, mini Easter eggs and chocolate chips!
 Dessert Platter
Admire your work of art, serve and wow your Easter entertaining guests!


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